Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Precision Grinding, Inc. opens 2nd Fab Shop location new in Jan 2012

Precision Grinding, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of our 2nd location:

100 Kilsby Circle
Bessemer, AL 35022
(205) 432-0264 fax ii kilsby

Additional 70,000 sq. ft.
Plate Processing operations:
Plate Cutting - Flame & Plasma
Additional Grinding Services

Fabricating Weldments & Machine Building:

Welding, Assembly, Painting, Diagnostics Testing

Additional (4) Overhead Cranes

(2) 500' Steel Plate Processing Bays
Additional 10,000 sq. ft. Fabrication & Assembly

Our goal is to provide you with better lead times, including 2 - 3 day turnaround for Pre Ground Stock.

Please, touch base with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

From all of us at Precision Grinding, we hope you have a great 2012!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Precision Grinding, Inc. adds 70,000 sq. ft. for Welding, Fabrication & Machine Building

October, 2011.  Precision Grinding, Inc. has begun remodeling a 70,000 sq. ft. building, located on Kilsby Circle in Bessemer, AL, off Highway 150, between Lakeshore Drive and Parkwood Road. Our new building is approximately 10 minutes away from our current location. We've just increased our total under-the-roof footage to 130,000 sq. ft.

Automotive Manufacturers, Steel Manufacturers, and many other Industrial Manufacturers continue to establish new plants and grow existing facilities across Alabama. These industrial producers have located in and around almost every community zone in Alabama, including the major metropolitan areas of Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Anniston, Gadsden, Dothan, Florence, Muscle Shoals, and Tuscumbia. Almost every part of the state has been experiencing "manufacturing job growth" for the past 10 years, even though the Huntsville Space Exploration industries appear to be waining, the textile industries have been fading, and the computer electronics manufacturing and production has shown inconsistencies. Alabama has become very well-positioned for further manufacturing growth in the short term and the long term for the heavy industrials, including automotive, rail, steel services, tooling & equipment, mining & minerals, paper - pulp - wood processing, machine & machinery manufacturing, and military production services.

According to Miles Cunningham, CEO, "We're adding floorspace to meet requests from existing customers. The additional space allows us to increase our capacity to meet customer requests for Welding, Fabricating, and Custom Machine Building services."

Precision Grinding has always fulfilled Grinding Services and Machine Shop Services for Heavy Industrial Companies and Specialty Machine Manufacturers. Specific, precision steel plate processing services include:

ASTM A36, ASTM A572, ASTM A514, AISI 4140, SAE 1045 
with Heavy Steel Plate Inventory on-hand
Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting services
Stress Relieving & Annealing services
Blanchard Grinding & Surface Grinding services
Horizontal Milling, Vertical Milling and Planer Milling services
CNC Vertical Machining

We've always provided some level of Welding & Fabricating services, and we've been manufacturing custom machines for select customers for quite some time. The additional floor space allows us to increase the amount of Plate Inventory we keep on-hand and allows us to produce many more specialty fabrications and custom built machines from a much larger, dedicated Fabrication and Job Shop. During the past five years, the number of full-time employees has grown from 40 to over 60. Our equipment list has grown from 7 Grinders to 12 Grinders and from 4 NC Milling Machines to include an additional 3 CNC Vertical Milling Machining centers. Our welders and specialty fabricators have grown from a smaller department employing 3 full-time specialists to now include 8 dedicated welders, fitters and fabricators. We're currently hiring qualified welders, fabricators, and fitters to help us grow this Specialty Fabrications division.

We'll post pictures as we meet our remodeling schedule.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Precision Grinding, Inc. adds (3) Grinders to Shop

Precision Grinding, Inc. is in the process of installing three additional Grinders in our Grinding Shop.

1.) 60" Blanchard Grinder
2.) 42" Blanchard Grinder
3.) 14" x 96" Mattison Surface Grinder

We now have 7 Blanchard Grinders and 3 Surface Grinders to serve you. This upgrade should add another 120 scheduled hours grinding time per week across two shifts. These additional grinders should help to reduce the time required to ship you orders for ground plate, bar, castings, table tops, shears, and those other products that you count on us to produce for you.

Our Grinding Shop regularly cross-trains employees from other departments within our plant. We expect to move trained machine operators into position, immediately.

This first picture shows the Mattison Surface Grinder which will meet 0.001" thickness and parallelism tolerance goals. As with our other two much larger, surface grinding machines, we routinely expect these machines to deliver tolerances to .001". The surface grinding addition allows us to increase the numbers of Cutters, Mill Knives, and Shears Sharpened, while at the same time, reducing delivery times to our customers.

14" x 96" Mattison Surface Grinder

An additional 42" BLANCHARD GRINDER is now located next to the two largest Surface Grinders. This Blanchard is capable of holding .003" thickness and parallelism tolerances on most smaller parts.

42" Blanchard Grinder.
While working with PGI, David takes Engineering courses at UAB.

Since we're still in the process of reworking the electrical panel on the most recent addition to our family, the 60" Blanchard, when completed, we will post a picture for you to see. The new 60" machine will be able to grind parts up to 72" OD, reaching thickness and parallelism tolerances to .005". The 60" should compliment our two largest Blanchard Grinding machines, one capable of reaching 100" OD and the other capable of reaching 45" tall x 129" OD.
Whenever you get the chance, please, drop by to visit us. Then, you can see these grinders, in action.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Precision Grinding, Inc. May you and yours have a healthy, prosperous, and safe holiday season.

May we welcome 2011 as we say goodbye to a very good 2010.

May we also salute the War Eagle, whether "All In", brothers in battle, just good friends, or heated rivals.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CNC Machine Shop: YAMA SEIKI VMB-1600

Precision Grinding, Inc. has installed another Yama Seiki VMB-1600. Along with adding experienced personnel to our sales team, we're growing our Machining Department. We believe in America, and we believe in ourselves. Our Machine Shop Department Manager, Stanley and Assistant Machine Shop Manager, James now oversee three (3) large CNC Machines to serve you.

Let's see what it takes to install a new CNC Vertical Machining Center.

These CNC Machines will be served by 10-Ton overhead cranes.

Chris, our humble tool rep is pictured above, along with the installation team. Thanks to fine teamwork between the Yama Seiki USA reps from Ontario, CA and from C&S Machine Tool Systems, Inc., the installation and setup was completed within (3) days.

This YAMA SEIKI VMB-1600 vertical machining center with a 15" x 30" x 60" table capacity has its own full assortment of workholdings, workholding magnets, collets, and machine tools.

In addition to housing some of the largest Grinding Machines and CNC Machines in the area, our machinists and shop personnel have the experience necessary to produce precision steel parts for you, on time, as ordered.

Further, setting us apart from competition, we have several members of our Sales Team, each with over 10 years of experience at Precision Grinding.

Please, call us at 1-888-934-7463 or 1-888-WE-GRIND with your next steel plate request.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Precision Grinding at Design2Part Show, Dallas, TX

On March 4-5, 2009, the Design2Part Show in Grapevine, Texas brought together over 1200 manufacturing engineers, purchasing executives, research technicians, and sales personnel to discuss contract manufacturing along with their manufactured products.

At the show pictured above, Jerry Quinn, Sales Manager and Brian Everling, Market Research & Development hosted Booth #422 for Precision Grinding.
Ted D'Elia, SE Regional Sales Manager and the rest of the The Job Shop Company who support the Design2Part regional shows helped all of us find ourselves comfortable at the posh Gaylord Texan Convention Center. More than 140 exhibiting companies from all over the United States found this to be one of the premier venues for a Design & Contract Manufacturing Event. We wish to thank The Job Shop Company, the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth community, and the attendees from Texas and surrounding states who became our visiting attendee "hosts" for this event.

The Grapevine area is located nearby the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. While many of the concrete roads remain white with newness, the convention center and the surrounding lodges and restaurants are a model for this century's building and construction efforts. We also passed by the new, centrally located, Dallas Cowboys stadium where we could see that members from Arlington have worked together to grow a successful manufacturing community, rich with modern amenities. The Arlington/Grand Prairie area remains headquarters for several prominent, international companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter and is a major international hub for companies such as Atlas Copco Secoroc.

Precision Grinding has plans to make other tours across the country. We look forward to visiting with you, then. If you ever find yourself in the Birmingham, Alabama area, possibly for a Talladega event or a Barber Motorsports event or just traveling through, please, stop by to pay us a visit.
We believe that steel prices may have bottomed for now as steel plate manufacturers have declared plans to manufacture steel plate upon purchase order. In aggregate, steel plate manufacturers announced they have been operating at 70% capacity.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov 2008 SE Manufacturing News p. 40-41

The Southeast Manufacturing News, published by Gross Publications, Inc. recently featured Precision Grinding, Inc. along with Yama Seiki USA, Inc. and C&S Machine Tools Systems, Inc. on pages 40-41 of the November 2008 issue. The article summarizes the cooperative relationship that takes place between the machine manufacturer, the distributor, and the purchaser of a capital equipment investment.

Precision Grinding expanded our machining capacity and capabilities with the addition of the Yama Seiki VMB-1600 CNC Machining Center during the summer of 2008. The article discusses some of the most important machine considerations for meeting today's CNC Machining requirements including the software setup, the probing/inspection capabilities, the size, the speed and the durability of the machine, and the type of integrated controls. Many of the machine features are listed. The article also discusses the relationships between the parties when meeting the challenges of service and support for the life of the machine. As a result of choosing the Yama Seiki along with their support chain, this capital improvement is leading to quicker deliveries on a wider range of machined plates with more satisfied customers.

Vendor/Client/Manufacturer/Customer cooperation is imperative in the chain of manufacturing today's steel parts. We have recently begun weighing the benefits of growing our company by partnering with other companies who manufacture machines for export. Our target is to manufacture the larger machine plates and steel parts for their specialty machines, whether for construction or for manufacturing production. We've found in addition to building these bonds, there are additional laison associations required for shipping across international borders. We're extremely lucky to live and to do business in the State of Alabama. They offer us many opportunties to meet international diplomats and consulates at regularly scheduled seminars. We'd like to offer a plug to the Alabama Development Office and to Governor Riley who are scheduling an Economic Partnering trip to Australia in June, 2009. Please, contact ADO, the Brock Business School at Samford, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, or the Governor's office if you have interest in participating in building trade alliances with businesses in Australia and/or with businesses from exotic ports such as India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, and / or to our close friends in Germany.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BAE Systems to host SME Chapter 143 Plant Tour

BAE Systems, Land & Armaments Division will host a Plant Tour for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Birmingham Chapter 143 on December 9th, 2008 at their Anniston, Alabama facility.

BAE Systems, known worldwide as "the premier global defense and aerospace company," manufactures vehicles and machinery for Land, Sea, and Air. Paul McIntosh, our chief host and a member of SME for years, serves as a Department Head for a group of Industrial Manufacturing Engineers designing and building land vehicles. He and his associates at BAE are hosting the plant tour in order to share engineering, manufacturing, and production techniques with associate members. According to Paul, "We'll begin at one manufacturing facility, then meet for a brief dinner, then tour another of our facilities."

Through its community membership, publications, expos, and professional development resources, SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and keeps manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies. The Birmingham membership has recently begun meeting monthly. We've already found ways to help with educational projects, such as the Calera High School "Shop Rat Industrial Program" created and taught by Brian Copes. We also plan to help a Student Chapter form in this area.

Several colleges across the state, including Lawson State Community College, have begun to offer students advanced CNC Machining as a curriculum option. Students participating in and graduating from these types of college programs which support manufacturing and machining may find that the support that SME offers them can lead toward future opportunities. LaVada Varner of the Alabama Technology Network works in collaboration with the state of Alabama in order to bring opportunities involved with manufacturing jobs such as these toward fruition.

Precision Grinding supports the growth of manufacturing jobs in Alabama, and we are proud to be associated with members of the SME who are targeting the growth in manufacturing products for domestic needs and for exports.

If you'd like to know more about the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) please, contact Brian Everling, BrianE@PrecisionGrinding.com .